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Basic Facial

  • Basic Facial $95 ($75)

    Recommended for those who want to experience a professional facial treatment for the first time, includes double cleansing aromatherapy, massage, toner & moisturizer

Lymph Drainage Facial

  • Lymph Drainage Facial $150 ($130)

    Purely massaged by hands along lymph to push out toxins and improves circulation and elasticity of the skin, includes double cleansing aromatherapy.concentrated lymph massage mask, toner & moisturizer

Bridal Course

  • Bridal Course $250 ($230)

    90 min. Treatment for face and back to make the skin look luminous and it's best on your very special day.

Platinum Polish

  • Platinum Polish $140 ($120)

    Old dead skin cells, whiteheads, blackheads, brown spots and wrinkles, all are taken out by a platinum tip. The platinum is safe for those who have allergic reaction to metal. Unlike chemical peels, it is must safer and gentler to the skin because the process is adjusted to each different areas of the face and problems. Series of treatments are recommended

Ion Sonic

  • Ion Sonic $140 ($120)

    The galvanic ion generated by anode(+) & cathode(-) electric current stimulates muscles, opens and cleans out pores. Then, the ultrasonic wave delivers nutrients deep into the skin cells. The vibration of 70,000 per second,twice as much of conventional machine, brings a fabulous results

Platinum + lon Sonic

  • Platinum + lon Sonic $190 ($170)

    The combination of platinum peeling and ion sonic treatment. After all impurities are lifted out of pores by galvanic ion, platinum peeling eliminates dirt, wrinkles and brow spots off the skin. Then, ultrasonic waves deliver beauty serum deep into the skin. Very effective in treating brown spots, wrinkles and sagging skin