Yes, you can. There are treatments you cannot receive depending on the condition but we also have skin tone brightening treatment so please feel free to consult us.

Yes, you can. However, consultation may be necessary.

We recommend NOT to wear make-up especially before getting your lashes done. Please do not wear mascara within 48 hours prior to your eyelash extensions appointment.

Yes, you can. However, consultation may be necessary in some cases so please come in to our salon for a counseling session (free).

In Hawaii, people generally pay about 15 – 18% of the total price as a tip.

At Kala Spa Honami, we make sure to conduct thorough counseling and take great care of customers so that everyone can get treatments at ease. We clearly indicate the price as well but if you have any other questions or concerns on the treatment, feel free to consult us and make sure you understand completely before undergoing a spa treatment.

Please call us to confirm your arrival in Hawaii at Kala Spa Hawaii, (808)428-7135.
Please note that if we are unable to reach you, we may have to cancel your reservation.
Also, if you’d like to cancel your reservation, make sure you give us a call no later than 3 hours before your appointment.

It varies depending on the customer’s condition and the types of treatment you undergo. However, for the treatments we recommend having multiple sessions, it is most effective to undergo first 2 treatments within 2 weeks. It is our goal to eventually schedule you once every 4 weeks as maintenance on your skin turnover.

At Kala Spa Honami, we will have a counseling session to determine the treatment plan together. We assure you with the treatment that is most suitable for your skin type !

It varies between individuals but we provide treatments which most customers are satisfied with.

You must wear mask just for eyelash extensions service.